Charlottesville Albemarle direct primary care
What is Direct Primary Care?


     DPC (Direct Primary Care) most importantly means the relationship between you and your doctor is simple and direct. 

Your doctor communicates directly with you, your doctor collects NO money from any source except you, the fee you pay. 

     The simplicity of this relationship allows for easy access, personalized care and a true collaboration between patient and physician. The patient panel is limited to a manageable size that allows for quick scheduling, an hour of dedicated time per appointment instead of 15 minutes, and always responsive communication.

     DPC provides a solution to problems plaguing our current health care delivery system; rushed office visits, fragmented care, difficult access to a physician, and long wait times for an appointment.

     DPC does not serve as a replacement for health insurance, and it is not redundant. Instead, it as an excellent supplement that will make up for the deficiencies of modern insurance based practices.