If you think you are having a medical emergency, call 911 now.

What is included in the monthly MEMBERSHIP fee?

  • Unlimited visits

  • Management, when medically possible, via phone, email and video chat.

  • Access to your personal physician by text, phone call, or email whenever needed.

  • For HouseCalls Plus members: unlimited house calls as needed


Additional fees may be required for some services if your insurance doesn't cover, you have no insurance, or you choose not to use your insurance; but you will always be told beforehand:

  • Vaccines

  • Imaging Studies

  • Lab Tests

  • For In-Clinic Members: house calls will require an additional fee; you will know the cost before the house call is made.

  • We have limited in-office appointments for walk-in's/non-subscribers: please contact us for pricing.

 Wholesale pricing is available for lab tests. A few approximate sample wholesale prices are listed below:

C-REACTIVE PROTEIN                   12.00

COMPLETE BLOOD COUNT             3.50

HbA1c DIABETES                            4.50

LIPID PANEL                                    3.00

LYME DISEASE SCREEN               15.00

METABOLIC PANEL                         4.00

STREP THROAT CULTURE              4.00

THYROID SCREEN                           4.50

URINALYSIS                                     7.00

VITAMIN B-12                                  5.25


Do I still need insurance if I sign up with you?

  • Yes. We recommend that you remain insured in case of emergencies, hospitalizations, expensive studies, and specialty care fees.  Your subscription fee does not replace your health insurance plan, although it may influence the type of plan you choose. (A lower premium plan with a higher deductible pairs well with DPC.)


How will I pay for things that aren’t covered by the monthly fee, like specialist visits, high cost procedures, imaging studies and hospitalizations?

  • You will use your insurance. Nothing between you and your insurance coverage will be affected by choosing Dr. Spiekermann as your physician.  Additionally, you will be informed and will need to give consent beforehand, if ever Dr. Spiekermann recommends a study or test or referral that adds costs outside your monthly fee.


If I haven’t met my insurance deductible, will I have to pay full price for labs and X-rays?

  • If your insurance does not cover the cost of a procedure, or if you choose not to charge your insurance, then you will be responsible to pay the wholesale cost with no mark up by HouseCalls PLC.


Can I still see my specialists?

  • Yes. Choosing Dr. Spiekermann to be your Primary Care Provider changes nothing at all about any other care on-going or new.


I have Medicare/Medicaid. Can you still be my provider?

  • Yes.  You will have to sign a one-time waiver acknowledging that you will never submit a bill to Medicare/Medicaid for Dr. Spiekermann's monthly fee.  Dr. Spiekermann has already signed an agreement to never receive any type of reimbursement from Medicare/Medicaid [or any other entity] for services provided by HouseCalls PLC. Your Medicare coverage will stay the same.​


*We do not provide gynecological or maternal-infant care. We are happy to provide contact information for DPC providers who do.

For DPC practices that fit your needs please check:

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